Does iCloud Calendar Play Nice with Outlook 2010

Recently I had a client switch their calendar from Google Calendar to iCloud.  Now began the process of figuring out how to sync his calendar with my Outlook 2010 so I could overlay the calendar with the rest of the team.  It took some trial and error but finally I was able to accomplish my task.

Private or Public

If you have a public calendar it is easy. You just click on the radio button to the right of your calendar name and click “Public Calendar”.


You are then provided with a link that you can share via email to others. Keep in mind though that you may not want your private information available for anyone to see. If that is the case and you want to share your calendar with specific individuals then setup becomes more interesting.

In order to get someone else’s iCloud calendar to show up in Outlook 2010 you have to do a series of steps.

iimageCloud Account

The first step in establishing a shared iCloud calendar in Outlook 2010 is for you to have an iCloud account. iCloud calendars can only be privately shared with other iCloud account owners. I found no work around for this. If you have one, please share in the comments section.

Go to to setup a new iCloud account.

After you establish you iCloud account the person sharing their calendar needs to send an invite to view or edit their calendar. Again go to the radio icon to the right of your calendar name and click “Private Calendar”.


You can then edit whether they can view/edit and click on share.

Now you get a pretty little invite asking you to join this person’s calendar.


Still with me?

Now comes the fun part! No you have to find a way to sync your iCloud with Outlook 2010.

iCloud Control Panel

I assume you are running Windows since you have Outlook 2010. You now need to download the iCloud Control Panel. After you carefully follow the instructions for downloading and installing the control panel you need to sign in to your control panel with your *.me account. Go to your hidden icons and open the iCloud Control Panel. Here is a quick video of how to access it.

At this point close your Outlook file. Make sure it is not running in the background. Your Control Panel should be open and click on the elements you want to have access to in Outlook. You can choose only mail, or calendar, contacts, etc. After you make your choices click on “Apply”. The Control Panel with now access your iCloud account and process for syncing with Outlook.

Open your Outlook file and you will probably be asked to enter your iCloud account password. You should now have access to your iCloud information in Outlook.


Do not delete the iCloud account listed on the left hand column in Outlook. You will see your *.me account and another account called iCloud. I deleted one of them thinking it was a duplicate. I then lost access to the calendar and contacts and had to troubleshoot how to add back on.


Have any questions? Please leave me a comment and I will do my best to come up with a brilliant response!

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  • Bob

    I noticed that when I send an invite to a calendar event, outlook sends the normal invite which I want, but them icloud also sends the invite..How to I stop icloud from sending the invite?

    • Olinda Services

      Unfortunately Bob it looks like many people are having an issue with this. The most popular resolution? Turn off iCloud. Remove iCloud control panel from your PC and do a manual (USB) sync. I’ll keep my eyes open for a better solution.

  • Leslie

    Unfortunately, I think I did what your Warning said not to do. I right-clicked and chose “Close” on the iCloud folder on the left-hand navigation pane. Can you tell me how to get it back?

    • Lisa Olinda

      I did some troubleshooting and believe I have your solution. The iCloud control panel has changed since I did my first article so make sure you have the latest version of the iCloud control panel.

      Second you need to go into your iCloud control panel. You need to look at the top section and click on “Set up iCloud Contacts, Calendars & Tasks in Outlook”.

      This may take five minutes or more to process depending on how much data you have. When it is complete you will get a message stating the message is complete.

      Next make sure the box is checked next to Contacts, Calendars & Tasks and click Apply.

      Open up Outlook 2010 and all should be well.

      TIP: If your iCloud Mail is not available now just go back into the control panel, look for the upper panel and click on “Set up in Outlook”. Now you will have all 4 options in your control panel to checkmark.