Does Your Online Presence Sparkle?

When was the last time you performed an online audit. I am referring to your social media and website presence. Is your “image” getting dated? Is everything in sync and all of your platforms reflecting your brand?

I will let you in on a little secret. Sshh…don’t tell anyone. “I LOVE a new dress or outfit”. I was recently in New York City and found a lovely boutique which had awesome clothes. It was so much fun to find that perfect skirt, complementing blouse, jacket and shoes. Finally the day arrives and I proudly wear this incredible outfit. Then the most wondrous of experiences; someone notices!  Isn’t it time to bring that excitement and sparkle to your website?

iStock_000017970388XXXLargeHere are a few tips and tricks to bring the sparkle back to your online presence:


Try to look at your website as though you are a total stranger who just discovered this jewel. Does your header look old and dated? Are you using a photo of yourself that is 10 years old? Invest in a new image and be truly authentic with your audience. Make sure your RSS feed and social media sites are easy to locate. Also, make sure your email or contact form is easy to find. I recently did a project and was amazed at how difficult it was to find the contact form on websites. Why are your there if you don’t want to be contacted.


Is your information easy to understand? Are there typos in your copy? I did an information audit of my site a few months ago and noticed a number of small errors which was due to my familiarity with the information. Have a friend or someone in your organization proof your website and look for incorrect or outdated information. Double-check links to make sure they are still active and a little gremlin has not destroyed the path to that wonderful nugget of information, vital to your business.


Purge information that is obsolete. Are you still offering the same services to clients? Maybe you need to look at the list and purge old, outdated wording and add new, exciting phrasing. Are you letting your potential client know how your services will benefit them?

Share with us your best tip on how make your website sparkle!

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